Sunday, July 25, 2010

First Race Post Break

On Sunday July 18, I ran my first race since my fibula fracture. I ran the 10k race and it was much more hot and humid than I remember it being last year. I wasn’t aiming for any particular time as long as it was less than one hour. Being my first race since my injury, I was focused mainly on how I felt and maintaining good form. I tried to keep slow and steady breathing as that would be my best indication of a safe pace. I was able to keep my breathing slow for the first 5k, but found it getting progressively faster during the last half. I remembered from last year that the downhill toward the finish was a lot longer than it seemed. I made sure I didn’t start to speed my pace too much until I could see the finish line. Once I saw the finish line, I slowly increased to the fastest sprint I could muster. My finishing time was 50:17 and I was happy with that all things considered. I was happier that I felt good after the run and for the most part during the run, which is more than I can say for a lot of people out there.

This year I was able to get my name on the Runner’s Life team. I am proud to say that for the second year in a row the team has won this event thanks to the performances of my fellow team members.

June 25 was my last appointment with Dr. Krete regarding my fibula fracture. After looking at the x-ray he told me that the bone was fully healed. I find that I get more nagging aches with it now than I did earlier, but I think it is just the soft tissues adapting to the new lumpy fibula. I find that I usually don’t notice it at all when running, but it aches some times when I am resting. I am hoping this will go away with time and more exercise/stretching.

As I am reading through Michael Sandler’s “Barefoot Running” book, I can’t help but think that I could have avoided my injury if I had this book to follow when I started running. I love this book and in my opinion should be read by every runner starting out. It is full of helpful advice including stretches, exercises and drills. The important part I found was that his emphasis is on good running form and not pushing yourself too hard. I am trying to get Michael to come to Peterborough for a brief talk about his book. If I can get enough people to come from 12 to 1pm on Thursday, August 5 for the talk, I think he will make the stop on his way from Ottawa to Toronto during his book tour. So if you think you could make it, let me know as soon as possible.

One last thing, I’m now signed up for the Toronto ZooRun 10k on October 16. You can pledge me online here

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