Monday, December 10, 2012

Barefoot Running the Movie

After watching the movie Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee, I wanted to run out my front door and onto some of those beautiful trails they showed in the movie.  Unfortunately I can’t do that because I don’t live in Maui, but I am still motivated from their inspirational movie to get out and enjoy the many textures I can find locally.  Michael and Jess do a great job of motivating and inspiring in this movie with both the scenery and their obvious joy of running barefoot.  This movie will show viewers that neither gender, age nor injury should prevent anyone from enjoying the feel of running as barefoot and free as a child.  The movie is complete with instructional drills and foot strengthening exercises.  Proper running form is also explained and is quite similar to Chi Running.  For times when some kind of foot covering is needed, minimalist footwear is also discussed.

I think this movie will really help to spread the word that our bodies are all we really need and that there is another option to expensive shoes. Like all of my other books and videos, I want to share this with others who are interested.  One of those people was Michelle Mason.  Michelle is a runner who has recently transitioned to barefoot running.  Here is what she thought of the movie;

“I found the movie Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee absolutely fantastic! In recovery from a impatient transition to barefoot, it offered both positive and encouraging messages. It reminds us of the importance and reasons why we run barefoot. I liked the male and female perspectives in it, and also all the useful tips and drills and information on proper form and technique. It was also really interesting and fun, and easy to understand. The movie covered so many different aspects of barefoot running and many questions and concerns were addressed. A great movie to watch and share with others!! Thank You to both Michael and Jessica for sharing and making this great movie.... " .... Michelle Mason, Port Hope, ON.

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