Friday, November 20, 2009

Freshly Fallen Snow

It was nice to run in 14 degree weather again on Friday afternoon with Bev. Compared to the 0 degrees and blowing snow on the previous Monday’s Pub Run it actually felt really warm.

Last Monday’s Pub Run was another 10k. This time the wind was calm and no snow, but the temperature was -3 degrees. I found those 3 degrees made a big difference in how my feet felt. This time they had some numb spots and were a bit sore for a short time when warming up back at the store. When I inspected my feet a little closer I noticed that I had a tiny stone half imbedded in one of those numb spots on my left foot. I removed it and suffered no ill effects. The next day I couldn’t even find the spot on my foot. However, this made me realize that I really have to be mindful of what I am running on when I am experiencing any numbness in my feet.

On Wednesday we had a fresh covering of snow on the ground. At 6pm I felt drawn to the fluffy white powder as it sparkled under the street light. I went for a short jaunt in the neighborhood. It was less than a run or even a jog and I was really just enjoying the feel of it. It had a cold but fresh invigorating feeling and left tracks in the snow for anyone coming upon later to ponder.

Friday and Saturday were just too cold (below -5°C) for me at this point in my conditioning.

After several days of rest, the skin on the soles of my feet actually feels thicker and more resilient. I have found that much like a hard workout with weights, its the more uncomfortable conditions that make you stronger. The trick is not to cross the line that results in injury.

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